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What a Mess

July 27, 2014

I have quite a few Tradescantias, because they are easy to propagate and sell rather reliably when I bring them in to work. But this year I’ve been lazy in so many aspects of my life, and kept putting off taking cuttings of these Tradescantias. They all share one big saucer, because it makes it easier to pick them up and move them all at once if they do need to be moved. And after being neglected for weeks, or possibly months, they looked like this:


It took me over an hour to untangle them and take cuttings, and then another half an hour at least to plant all those cuttings.


Now they look like this:


And in a couple of weeks, I’ll have quite a lot of plants to sell:


And that apparently empty pot? That’s my Amorphophallus, which I found under the mess on my work table (which was about as messy as those tangled Tradescantias – having to tidy up that mess was one of the things that made me put off taking those cuttings for so long. I didn’t want to deal with it.) It’s been there for months… I should be ashamed of myself.

And I threw out all my amaryllises after finding they all have mosaic virus. They’d still grow okay, probably, but I couldn’t in good conscience sell any of them (and I partly justify having so many plants with “one day I’ll propagate and sell them”), and I don’t have enough patience any more for plants that aren’t well-behaved, so – enough. They had to go. I’ll just have to remember this in a couple of months when I’ll be tempted to buy new ones. I’ll have to find something else to fulfill my winter-time need for flowers…

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