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Wish Me Luck

September 12, 2014


I just sent this in… applying for classes to become a master horticulturist (the next level up from a journeywoman, which I am now.)

Wish me luck that I filled everything out correctly (that form was not as easy to understand as it should have been), wish me luck that I heard correctly that we can send the applications per e-mail, wish me luck that I sent it early enough to still get in.

Although, I’m not too worried about that. If I don’t get in this year, I’ll try again next year.

And most of all, if I get in, wish me luck that I’ll stay sane. I always expect too much of myself, and drive myself crazy about exams and papers I have to write, which was part of the reason why I dropped out of university and started an apprenticeship instead. The other part of the reason was that I just wanted to work, and not sit on my butt and study for another few years. And I still wouldn’t want that, but I think I can deal with a few weeks of classes during the next three winters.

(And, hm, should I write them another e-mail and tell them they have a typo in their header? It’s a little embarrassing that they misspelled “Lehrling” (“apprentice”)…)

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