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[Very Belated] Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – September 2014

September 21, 2014

Oops. I think this was the first time since I started this blog that I missed a GBBD. I’ve been a day or two late before because I was busy or forgot, but never almost a week.

When I realized last night that I’d forgotten about it, I thought, oh well, nothing to be done about it now… but then I woke up this morning to sunshine and flowers, and I decided to post after all…

In the living room, the Begonia albopicta is blooming more than it has in quite some time:



And I kind of accidentally bought two little Schlumbergeras:


I only wanted to buy a broom, but they were so pretty. I couldn’t remember if I had a pink-and-white one yet (but my pictures suggests that I didn’t), but I definitely didn’t have a white one yet.

Snapdragons at the kitchen window:




Moving out onto the balcony – my ‘Amethyst’ passionflower is finally blooming, and it’s really interesting to watch how the flowers have opened wider every time I look at them:




Passiflora citrina, one of my most reliable bloomers:


A Chlorophytum, outside to enjoy some bright light before another dark winter on top of the bookcase:


Always lots of Abutilons:




A morning glory – I think the variety is called ‘Light Blue Star’:


A rather unimpressive picture of a nasturtium (one of many reasons why I spent a part of yesterday looking at new cameras):


Oxalis vulcanicola, which was not cooperating with my camera at all – this is the least horrible picture.


Oxalis articulata:


So, a very belated post, and a very belated thank-you to Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

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