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I Feel a Little Threatened

October 8, 2014

Do you remember my Tetrastigma voinierianum that took over the curtain wire in the living room?

Well. It grew all the way across the room, past the balcony door and the big window (about 3 m) and then started growing back. First I had to pry it out from where it was trying to grow behind the crown molding, and then it lost its grip on the wire and is now doing this:


And since it’s a Tetrastigma, and they drop pieces when they aren’t happy, I often come home to this:



And this is a little worrying, because it sometimes drops a foot-long piece when it’s especially unhappy, and it’s hanging down right above the armchair where I prefer to sit, with my laptop, my books, my knitting and my food, and this what I see when I look up:


In fact, in a few days, it will probably brush the top of my head when I sit here. Unless it needs to declare its unhappiness with my watering before then, and falls down on my head. It’s already doing this (the blue thing is my shoulder):


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