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[Today a Month Ago] Sunrise and Seed Catalogues

December 11, 2014

Our last day in DC. We got up very early, to take advantage of the beautiful early morning light.


Smarchers on a mission

DoOF cover

This signed cover of Dragons of Ordinary Farm has been travelling the world since 2008, but this was the first time that we actually took a picture of it in a famous place, which had been the original plan.

DoOF cover 2


As much as I hate getting up early, it really was worth it, for the beauty of sunrise and because there were so few people around.





Another “we don’t have these colours at home” picture…


Smarchers and random other tourists.


Of course we also had to walk past the White House…


… and of course, I had to take a picture of the world’s most famous kitchen garden. (I actually wrote a post for my German balcony gardening blog that more or less went, “look where I am, at the world’s most famous vegetable garden. What, you don’t recognize it? Look at that building back there behind the trees. Do you recognize it now? Well, now you know why I don’t have time for blogging.”)

It was only after this that we went for breakfast, at a bakery around the corner from the Willard that we referred to as the bookshop (because all the bakeries in Firsfron’s Memory, Sorrow and Thorn game only sold books, but no baked goods.)


A daytime look out of our window.



The lobby at the Willard, supposedly where the word “lobbyist” comes from. But what I will remember is the sentence, “Smells like lobby.” (For the first two days, there were a lot of lilies on that table in the middle, and their scent was very noticeable everywhere. No need to look at which floor the elevator had stopped on – if it smells like lobby, it’s time to get out.)

The lobby always made me feel like I’d sneaked into a place where I had no right to be, even more than the rest of the hotel.

This reminds me of Cyan saying she felt weird checking in in her Batman shirt… but then Firs and I were in the elevator with a guy wearing a faded Superman shirt under his suit…


The Willard from the outside.


I like contrasts between buildings like this. And isn’t that the Starbucks we went to on our first day?

Trying to get where we wanted to go proved a bit difficult that day, because the Mall was closed off for a concert, and we couldn’t find a way across – until Cyan had the brilliant idea of taking the Metro underneath it.


The Smithsonian Castle.

I was getting a little too tired to figure out if there was a common theme to what seemed like a rather random collections of objects that were displayed inside, from Napoleon’s napkin to taxidermied birds…


… to old seed catalogues.





We wandered around the gardens for a bit, and then, all too soon, it was time to return to the hotel, pick up our luggage and get on the shuttle to the airport.

All too soon, time to say good-bye, to DC and to my friends – less hard for me than for Firs and Ylvs, as they had to go home and I got to go with Cyan, but still… I still miss you!


And then, through the darkness, to San Francisco, where even the air smelled strange…


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