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[Today Yesterday a Month Ago] Taking the Scenic Route

December 19, 2014

After a day spent mostly on my own, I felt a lot more relaxed and ready to talk to people again. Or rather, to just one person, because Tuesday was the day that redNathalie picked me up to go see some redwoods. Google Maps sent us on some rather strange ways, but redNat insisted we never got lost, we were only “taking the scenic route”. Even when she tried to check our position on her phone, and was informed we were currently in Antarctica.

But we eventually made it to Muir Woods… I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…



RedNat and me – I wasn’t very good at looking happy in photos that day…


… very much not good at looking happy… I have no idea what that expression is supposed to be. Is it too late to go back to hiding everyone’s faces behind flowers?


I didn’t even mind having random other people in my pictures… it gives you a better sense of how big the trees are.




… and more mushrooms…


… and really cute mushrooms…

… leading to a conversation about which would be more likely to kill you, starving to death or eating things you don’t know, and about how at home I would have a very good chance of surviving in the wilderness, but in California, I would have no chance at all.


Some ferns, because I like ferns.



Hiking up and up the hill… the forest here reminded me a bit of childhood summers in Sardinia, but every time I looked a bit more closely, I realised I didn’t know any of the plants.


At one point we started talking about going back, since we didn’t know how long it would take us, but then decided to go up 55 of the steps we had just come to. There turned out to be 56 steps, so we went up the last one as well and found ourselves in a clearing.




I had to google what Steller’s jays are, but I think I might have seen one in the botanical garden the day before – it was certainly something very blue and of the right size.


Speaking of blue things, the Dragons of Ordinary Farm cover came along for the hike.



On our way again.



To another must-see. Finding a spot to park and take pictures was a bit challenging, so we went across the bridge twice…


When we got out of the car, I think the first thing I said was, “We won’t be taking a picture of the DoOF cover by itself here.” No chance of a picture like at the Lincoln Memorial, because it was windy. It would have been rather embarrassing to go on Smarch afterwards and admit we’d let the cover fly away over Golden Gate Bridge.

But then I started muttering about what if we had some string, and wouldn’t it be cool if, but of course I had no string, so… but wait! I had been doing some embroidery on my backpack, and had never taken the little pouch with my embroidery thread and needles out. So in true Smarch tradition, we invoked the Pink Magic of Protection with magic pink thread, and I snapped pictures while the cover spun in the wind until I got one in which it faced the right way:


The funny thing is that in German, “dragon” and “kite” are the same word.



A few more pictures of the view:




And since redNat has the very sensible tradition of ending hikes with cake, we found ourselves a bakery in Sausalito to end the day in.

(Although then we also experienced the infamous Bay Area traffic that Cyan had talked so much about, and I kept laughing at the signs for the carpool lane, which said something about how the lane was for cabs and cars with two or more people, and underneath was a smaller sign saying, “OK motorcycles”, which in my head sounded like a defeated sigh of, “OK, motorcycles,” at the end of a long argument.)

(And then redNat came upstairs for a bit when we got back to Cyan’s place, for some wine and some talking, although I can’t remember what we talked about. Not that I would blog about it if I did, probably.)

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