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December 30, 2014

Since I just spent my evening (night, really) cleaning my bookcases, and reorganising the fantasy bookcase enough that it looks neat again…


The everything-but-fantasy bookcase – children’s books, non-fiction (including far too many gardening books), magazines, random novels, photo albums and two shelves for the still-unread books (everything that’s lying sideways)…


The fantasy bookcase (and some other furniture getting in the way).

I managed to keep the double-stacking to the bottom two shelves this time (and in the process, to hide all the books I didn’t like anyway). This bookcase irritates me sometimes, because the shelves are so deep that not double-stacking feels like a waste of space, and so high that I can never properly fill all the space, either. But oh well. It looks quite nice, and I got it for free, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

And for now, everthing looks nice and neat. Until I finish the next book – then I’ll have to start double-stacking on one of the upper shelves.


And all the Christmas cards I’ve got so far, in the company of the books I owe them to.


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