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Book List Updated

January 3, 2015

After cleaning and tidying up the bookcases, I finally brought my What I Read page, as well as the book list on my computer, up to date. It was really about time – I hadn’t added new books in over a year… and since in that time I came home from two World Fantasy Conventions, with two bags of books, that was quite a lot of books.


All the books I brought home from WFC, all but four of them from the book bag.

I also finally updated the “latest book count” in my sidebar (as well as a few other things in the sidebar) – the “latest” before today was the 31st of July, 2010. Shamefully long ago… And I only had 358 books then – quite a difference from the current 532. And that is not counting the couple of e-books I now have, even though I still have no e-reader and can only read them on my computer. I still can’t count something I can’t touch and that I can’t put on my shelves as a “real” book… but I suppose I should acknowledge their existence nonetheless.

Now all that remains is to catch up on my book reviews. Which I plan to do in the next couple of days.

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