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Can I Brag About My Family?

March 14, 2015

This doesn’t really feel like the right place for personal posts. But sometimes I just have to…

Until last year, I was barely even aware that the Eurovision Song Contest exists, or what it is. I only noticed it last year because Austria won.

And it’s a good thing that I became aware of it, because this year, I’ll have to pay a lot more attention to it!

I’ve spent the last four Friday evenings watching tv (or a livestream on my laptop), watching the selection of Austria’s candidate for the Song Contest. Watching the original sixteen contestants cut down to six, and prove their musical skills (not that I’m a good judge of that sort of thing), and frantically voting tonight …

And I’m pretty pleased with the result…

More than “pretty pleased”, actually. Madly grinning and shrieking, going back and forth between stunned and giddy – because that guy on the drums? That’s one of my cousins!

He’s been making music for as long as I can remember, from playing the spoons at our grandfather’s birthday party to forming a band with his friends to getting their first song played on the radio – these guys have been making music together since they were kids. It was never my kind of music, so I think the only time I heard them play was at Teacher Cousin’s wedding.

And now this. It feels so unreal! I don’t even really know what to say about it, other than inarticulate shrieking and repeating “oh my god!” over and over again.

(Oh, and last year, another one of my cousins, from the other side of the family, was one of the people who organised what was supposedly the world’s biggest lipdub, with help from a lot of clubs, sports teams, schools etc. from the little town where a lot of my family lives:

If you have fifteen minutes or so, I highly recommend watching it – there are some pretty funny parts!)

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  1. March 15, 2015 13:21

    That is so cool! On an aside, how can you have not really known about Eurovision?!

    • March 15, 2015 21:10

      Because I’m a weird person who mostly doesn’t care about music and doesn’t pay much attention to the news…
      (Uh. I’m just noticing all sorts of embarrassing typos in this post. Shows how excited I was when I wrote that…)

      • March 15, 2015 21:19

        I guess I can give you a pass

        • March 23, 2015 19:36

          The funny thing is that most people I know barely knew about it/never were interested in it. Including the band.


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