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Balcony Garden Update, and a Plea For Votes

May 21, 2015

Oh look, it’s a post that’s not a Harvest Monday! That’s partly because it’s a rainy day, so work was quiet and I’m home earlier than I’ve been in weeks, and partly because I need something from you.

I entered an urban gardening competition a few weeks ago, and made it to the top ten. The final result will be determined in equal parts by a jury of experts and facebook votes on the updates we have to send in every two weeks. So if any of you are on facebook, I’d be really grateful if you could like my picture.

I’m not really happy with the update I sent in, because I was exhausted and short on time and just tried to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

But you get a slightly less rushed update today…

My mother came to the Teeny Tiny Village Nursery on Friday, so I took that opportunity to send all my vegetable plants home with her. Not having a car of my own, transporting my purchases is often a bit of a problem, especially since my plants were all pretty big. I decided to safe myself a bit of work last year by repotting all my cucumbers, peppers and eggplants (and this year, also zucchini) in 3 litre pots at work and then leaving them there for a few weeks, until our last frost date (the so-called “Ice Saints”) is past.


I still grow my own tomatoes and melons at home, but April and May are always so insane at work that it’s very difficult to find time for anything at home, and this way, I have to do a bit less watering and trying-to-find-space-for-everything and bringing-plants-inside-when-it-turns-cold.

When I came home on Friday, that was the sight that greeted me in the hall, and made me doubt that I had made a smart decision:

sDSC03982I didn’t have time or energy for more than finding some saucers for everything and putting it out on the balcony. Not until Sunday afternoon, and then just barely. Work was pretty deadly that week, and I was utterly exhausted. And the balcony was dauntingly full of plants, which made it difficult to stop procrastinating and start working. In addition to the three cucumbers, four peppers, one eggplant and two zucchinis I brought home from work, there were two eggplants I’d bought elsewhere, six tomatoes I’d grown myself and a seventh one that was an unexpected gift, a pot of beans that needed to find its proper place, a bunch of herbs, sweet potatoes, and a couple of flowers.


And far too little room to work, but I did my best.

sasfDSC04005I still haven’t gotten everything planted, because there are still some bolting Asian greens I need to rip out and eat to free up another railing planter, but at least most of it. I did pull out all my pretty violas – they were still blooming nicely, but were appallingly mildewy – and finally harvested all the purple kale. I made it just in time – got everything planted, cleaned up again and watered everything just before it got dark.


And of course now the weather has turned cool and rainy, so I can’t even sit outside to enjoy my balcony garden.

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  1. May 22, 2015 03:20

    I’m amazed at how you manage to grow so much in what seems to be such a small space!

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