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Harvest Monday – June 8, 2015 (Plus: Please Vote for Me!)

June 8, 2015

The year just flies by so fast, and I still can’t find the time and energy for all the things I want to do and write about and show you pictures of…

Before I get to my harvests: If you’re on Facebook, please like this picture to vote for me in the urban gardening competition I’ve entered.

So you don’t have to rely on the automated translation Facebook apparently provides (I’m not on there, so I wouldn’t know), here’s what the text says:

The balcony garden has grown well in the last two weeks and hasn’t demanded more of me than occasionally a bit of water.

Instead, a lot of work waited for me in the community garden. Because of work, I had to neglect it a lot recently, but this weekend* I finally had time to weed, plant the next batch of lettuce and brassicas, sow carrots, sweet corn and bush beans. And after I’d carried around countless heavy watering cans, there was an unexpected rain shower in the night…

One thing is still missing, and that is a new layer of mulch. The first one has mostly rotted away, which was a good thing, otherwise it would have provided shelter to the slugs during the recent damp weather. But if the weather stays as the forecast promises, it will be important to protect the soil from drying out – hopefully, work will leave me a bit of time to collect mulch** (lawn clippings from the park or nettles along the cycling path I take every day.)

But luckily, there’s not just work in my gardens, but also harvests, which now – after weeks, in which there were only lettuce and herbs – become more varied and colourful. Of course there are still lettuce and herbs, but also radishes, snow peas and strawberries, and the second mini cucumber waits to be harvested. The first I’ve already harvested, but not eaten – it was “payment” for my mother, who transported the cucumber plants and a lot more from the plant nursery, where I also work, to my home (by bike and public transport, that would have been a little difficult.)

* actually a week ago already, I should have posted this days ago!

** no, it didn’t.

And now, finally, to last week’s harvests, which were rather less photogenic than the stuff I sent in for the competition.


That second cucumber I mentioned.


Radishes, cracked and slug-damaged but still edible (although, I need to stop growing the yellow ones just because they look cool. They don’t really taste that good.)


Mmmm, snow peas. I’ll get to pick more tomorrow, and I can hardly wait.


Peas (from work), a really ugly (but still good) kohlrabi and a Forellenschluss lettuce from the community garden. I was too hungry to try to get a better picture, after a day of cleaning, cycling and swimming. Sunday was the first day this year I went to one of the local lakes, and it was wonderful!


And the first chard harvest.

I don’t have pictures of everything, especially not all the herbs. All in all, according to my list, my harvests have been worth about € 10 this week. I’m definitely starting to notice the effect on my grocery shopping now.

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  1. daphnegould permalink
    June 9, 2015 00:05

    Aww I can’t like it as I don’t have a facebook account. Weird I know. But I got so mad at them once I removed my whole account.

    The peas look so beautiful.

    • June 9, 2015 05:43

      Don’t worry about it, Daphne – I don’t have one myself, so I definitely don’t think it’s weird. It just makes the way this competition works a little inconvenient for me.

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