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Look What I Can Do

January 9, 2016

DSC07298 Dracaena, Tetrastigma, Pachira, Begonia

DSC07300 Dracaena, Tetrastigma

I can close my curtains!

That doesn’t seem like a big deal? But it is!

Because until yesterday, the curtain wire looked like this:

DSC07276 Tetrastigma voinierianum

All tangled up in Tetrastigma voinierianum.

DSC07278 Tetrastigma voinierianum

And because I said, “Uh, maybe I should do something about this – a year and ten months ago!

But I didn’t, and it just kept on growing, all along the curtain wire and then back again, and then some more…

And I just couldn’t find the energy to get up and deal with it.

But yesterday I finally put some nails in the wall above the window and tied the vines to that, and took the curtain wire down and scratched the tendrils off, and then rearranged the vines some more  and put the wire back, and then moved the vines around a bit more, and today I put the freshly washed curtains back up, and finally – after two years – I can close them again.

It’s not perfect – the vines are now so high up that they probably won’t get much light any more, and some of the leaves tend to get caught in the balcony door… but it was this or make the trip to Ikea and buy another curtain wire, and I wasn’t quite ready for that.

Now I just need to deal with my plants. They’re a mess.

Case in point: the Tetrastigma is still in a pot that’s ridiculously tiny for its size:


(There are another about 4 m of vine out of view.)

I’ve had the plant for almost six years now, and in that time it grew from a cutting to, well, this, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only repotted it twice in that time.

And this is not even the most urgent task.

Also, fun fact about Tetrastigma voinierianum: they have things on the underside of their leaves that look like grains of sand and are apparently called pearl bodies, and if you work with a plant, they fall off, and if you’re standing underneath that plant while working with it, they fall all over you, and into your collar and… well, it was a very itchy evening.



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