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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – February 2016

February 15, 2016

Look – I remembered. And I’m managing my time well enough to have time to write this post. This feels like such a victory to me.

Then let’s go have a look around.

In the bedroom:


Yeah, Tradescantias aren’t very impressve or photogenic.


But the Christmas cactus is very pretty.

On the balcony, the first flowers are arriving, though not yet planted – hopefully, I’ll have time for that this week!


Every year I tell myself, “next year I’ll plant fewer flowers, and more vegetables, flowers just cost money and bring no harvest, and I don’t spend enough time outside to enjoy them”… and yet, every year, I buy every variety of viola we have at work, and plenty more besides.


These didn’t do well on the balcony last year – they always complained that it was too hot. But this year they’re blooming very early, like most of our plants, because of the mild winter (which is a problem, because we can’t sell very many of them yet. And especially with primroses, the window of time in which we can sell them is very short.)

What did I want to get at? Oh yes. They’re blooming earlier than last year, so I hope that if I put them on the balcony now, when the weather is still cooler, they will be happier.

And in the living room:


This poor begonia has been through quite a lot of neglect in the last few years. Never enough water, and let’s not even talk about fertiliser. It’s a tangled mess of bare stems with a few leaves at the end… and yet it keeps on blooming. (Though I must admit, at times I’ve hated the flowers. Because they drop all over the place, and sometimes I pinched them off before they even opened, because I didn’t have the energy to deal with the clean-up.)


Last month’s impulse purchases.



While this one was much more thought-out. I’ve decided I’ll go to the nearby DIY store every couple of days and see if they’ve put any orchids on clearance. Because they have some very pretty Dendrobiums (which I like so much more than Phalaenopsis), and while I have no idea if I can get them to rebloom, at 70% off I can afford to try – or to throw them out if I fail.

Bonus picture from work:


And now I’ll stop and go to bed before I also show you the pictures of flowers in other people’s gardens.

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