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Little Steps, part 10: Garden

May 25, 2016


DSC08945 Juglans, Prunus

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. To the actual news.

Sometimes I mention to my customers that I don’t have a garden of my own, just the greenest balcony on my street, but that I’d love to have a garden again.

And then one day I mentioned that to a customer who rides the same train as me once a week – and then some time later,  she comes up to me as we’re waiting for the train, and says, “I talked to my husband, and we have a garden that we don’t use very much – would you like to see it?”

Sooo… I have a garden. Not all my own, they still want to use it too, but I can pretty much do what I want.

(And believe me, I wanted to blog about it when it happened, but I figured I should tell my family first. And that took a while, because this is the time of year when I work ridiculous hours, and by the time I have rested enough after work to feel up to calling someone, it is too late at night to do so.)

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