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May 28, 2016

DSC08971 Fragaria, Aquilegia

DSC08973 Aquilegia vulgaris

There are wild columbines and wild strawberries all over the garden, which makes me very happy.

There were columbines in all the gardens I grew up in, and there’s something about their shape that makes them feel like magic and fairies to me.

I’m finally thinking about my stories a bit more again, about the imaginary worlds I pretty much abandoned when everything felt too hard, and right now I’m thinking about the name I gave to columbines in one of those worlds. Or names, rather, because my dictionary has mailay, but I remember also using jolymelhay, which means “forest king” or “forest queen”. And that, in turn, reminds me of a character called Jolymella, and makes me wish I had time to revisit all those old stories and write more. (But I have so much to do right now, so many hours at work, so much to do at home, and classes coming up again…)


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