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June 1, 2016

One of the metaphors I used for my mental state, before I figured, huh, some of the things I’ve read about depression fit pretty well, was being stuck down in a dark pit. Knowing that somewhere up above, there are hilltops full of flowers and sunshine, knowing that I’d lived there once, but not able to climb back up there.


And then some time last year, there was a day when I thought, hm, I don’t feel like I’m stuck down in the dark any more. I’m still gathering back the pieces of myself I lost on the way down – blogging is one such thing – but one of the first things I got back was looking at the sky, admiring pretty sunrises and sunsets and beautiful clouds, and having the energy to actually take pictures of them. Which felt very fitting, because when you’re at the bottom of a deep pit, you really can’t see the sky.



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