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Wholesalers, part 3

July 19, 2016


Thank god I’m not the only one taking pictures. Makes me feel so much less self-conscious.



So many plants, and I couldn’t buy any of them… (Partly because they only sell to people with a trade license/a customer account that you can only get if you have proof you have a flower shop, plant nursery, landscaping business or something similar. And partly because for most of the plants, you’d have to buy a whole pack with eight or ten or something. And partly because how would I transport them, on the bus back to school, and on the train back home?)


The guy who led us around Donaublume claimed they had a bad reputation because they would sell to anyone with a business license, instead of just florists/horticulturists/landscapers. But… no. They probably have a bad reputation because their plants are full of bugs, full of dead blooms, and are generally in bad shape.

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