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Arche Noah Garden, part 2

July 27, 2016

The Arche Noah (‘Noah’s Ark’, in German) is a society for the protection of the diversity of cultivated plants. I think that’s the full translation of what they call themselves in German. I guess without them, very few people in Austria would care about diversity or heirloom seeds.


I try to visit their garden in Schiltern, Lower Austria, once a year, usually for the big plant market on May 1st, but some years – like this one – that doesn’t work out.DSC09847

So it was very convenient that Langenlois, where I was for school, is very close to Schiltern, we had the afternoon off after our wholesalers excursion, and some of my classmates also wanted to go there.


We almost didn’t get to go, because the three of us had taken the train to Langenlois, Schiltern is pretty much impossible to get to without a car, and the taxi companies in the area were… apparently not that interested in having customers.


But luckily we found a classmate who also wanted to go and had a car.


We also visited a nearby plant nursery afterwards. And came back to Langenlois with a couple of plants each. Which was not that convenient, considering we had to take them back home on the train at the end of the week…

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