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More Blah Blah [Into the Forge, part 2, by Dennis L. McKiernan]

July 30, 2016

DSC01104Why am I still reading this? I already know it’s awful. Apparently I hate myself. And I hate this book for sure.

Part two of this piece of rubbish, because German publishers like splitting translations in two. Even where it’s not necessary. Maybe they like coming up with dumb titles that have nothing to do with the book? (Or maybe, more realistically, there’s more money to be made this way.) It’s called Magierschwur, Magician’s Oath, in German, and I can’t remember a magician or an oath in the book.

But to be fair, I’m just skimming. I might have missed stuff.

All I know is there’s more blah blah travelling with stupid useless artifact to be delivered to an unknown person blah blah battles blah blah monsters blah blah fall in love blah blah oh no the lover died, because what would you need female characters for except to kill them?

Oh, and let’s add some casual racism, because of course dark-skinned humans must be evil.

And yeah, I hate myself enough to read the next book too. It’s kind of fun to not hold back all the mean things I want to say.

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