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Castlefest Costumes

August 9, 2016

Look. Pictures that are not months old. They’re from four days ago! (And I would have posted them even sooner, but I only got home late last night.)

I’ve been to Castlefest (a fantasy festival in the Netherlands) several times – I don’t even know how many, but here are my previous posts about it (which I’m pretty sure don’t cover all the times I’ve been there.)

Last year, we had one Tad Williams-inspired costume, Sahi as the Wicked Tribe from Otherland.

This year, there were three. The Wicked Tribe again, with even more monkeys this time, and two costumes based on Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.


Do you recognise them?

That’s me as the Yásira and Xavie as Green Angel Tower.

Because why would we cosplay as characters – how boring! – when we can be buildings,  trees/swarms of butterflies or swarms of flying monkeys instead?


I’ll let you know when we get more pictures (which have been taken, but not uploaded yet). And I’ll definitely post pictures from the process of making the Yásira costume.

(Oh, and Tad has already seen these pictures too. Via Skype. Because that’s what you do on a Monday morning in our crazy Smarcher world, you Skype with your favourite author…)

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the witch costume I wore on Saturday, which got quite a lot of compliments – apparently the hat I bought at the start of the day was just what it was missing, because that didn’t happen when I wore pretty much the same thing last year.


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