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It’s Still Awful [Into the Fire, part 1, by Dennis L. McKiernan]

August 19, 2016

DSC01833Do I even need to say more than that? Why am I even still reading? Or skimming, anyway, because I can’t tolerate more than that.

So what can I add to the list of godawful things in these books?

First and foremost, “Oh, I need these people to speak a different language, but I don’t want to make one up, so let’s have them speak Dutch. Grammar? What’s that? No, I won’t be needing that.”

And then some Swedish, I think, from the handful of words I recognised. And maybe something else, but I’ve repressed that memory and I don’t want to refresh it.

I don’t even remember if it was in this book or the last one that even more fantastical creatures started appearing. More and more and always more. I vaguely remember walking hills? I don’t even want to try to remember more closely.

But considering the German titles always start with “Magier” – magician, mage, wizard, sorcerer, however the hell you want to translate it – there are finally some of those in the book. But not enough to explain the titles.

I apparently hate myself enough to read the last part too. Maybe I should keep count of how many times I roll my eyes. I’m going to give myself sore muscles in my eyes.

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