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Things Seen at Castlefest, part 1

August 24, 2016

I could organise these pictures in some sort of logical way, like a post for every day we were there, or pictures of costumes and pictures of pretty things for sale, but… too much work. I’ll keep it simple and just go with the order in which I’ve taken the pictures.


Way too expensive, but pretty!


One of several birds of prey – I think this is a gyrfalcon?


The dress is made out of those little envelopes tea bags come in – we actually heard about her before we saw her.


I’m not sure what sort of creature this is…


I’m pretty sure this is the first centaur I’ve seen at Castlefest. Pretty brilliant!


Dandelion seeds necklace.


That doesn’t look very comfortable to wear, but it’s certainly impressive.


Wicker dragon.


Advertising for a body-painting stall.

I love all the pretty, crazy, creative things you can see there.

And I also love the things you can overhear, like a loud and dramatic, “Just because you have antlers and make-up – !” (I didn’t quite hear the rest. It might have been, ” – doesn’t mean you yre a faun.”=

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