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Things Seen at Castlefest, part 4

August 27, 2016



Beautiful things made out of straw…


A little straw witch on a little straw broomstick. (That was the day I was wearing my witch costume, just after I’d bought my hat.)


Mugs and bottles and tiny tiny chests of drawers…


Neptune (or some other sea god, I didn’t ask) and his shark-dog.


Lots of pretty things that are too expensive…


This cart was so cute! Sahi and I did both buy a shiny there, and talked to the owner a bit, who says he is a “tree doctor”, which explains how he gets the pretty branches to build his cart out of.


Dress made out of jeans.


Colourful wings. (And I also really liked the poncho the other person was wearing.)


I don’t particularly want to wear these bracelets, but they are pretty. I’m not sure I’m disappointed or relieved that the notebooks at this stall weren’t quite as pretty as last year – disappointed because I know they could be prettier (or at least, more my taste), relieved because I really did not need another one anyway.

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