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Pages: 463; Eyerolls: 103 [Into the Fire, part 2, by Dennis L. McKiernan]

August 28, 2016


I’m done at last. And yeah, I kept a tally.

I didn’t actually physically roll my eyes 103 times. Some of them were just mental eye-rolls, because I didn’t want to hurt my eye muscles.

And I’m sure the count would be even higher if I had read properly instead of just skimming.

I don’t even remember all the things I rolled my eyes at. Some of it was the unnecessary addition of even more fantasy clichés, like there weren’t enough yet. Shape-shifters. Wolves. (Which I love, yeah, but they’re still a cliché.) A magic sword. Which – was there any point to that? I can’t even remember if it had an important role to play in the end (which might have to do with my lack of attention, or with crappy writing.) Walking greenery, which was totally not an Ent. (And which was also a babysitter.) Or an ending that relied heavily on pulling out yet another race of fantastic creatures – because why would you use the characters or powers you had already established to defeat the bad guys?

And okay, now I finally know why this piece of rubbish series is called Hel’s Crucible in English, but I still don’t know why this book is called Magierlicht (“magician’s light”) in German – I can’t remember light created by any magicians as a major plot point or in fact a plot point at all.

Well, the best thing that I can say about this book is that it’s over.

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