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Things Seen at Castlefest, part 5

August 29, 2016

This’ll be the last Castlefest post until next year. Well, unless I work my way back through my pictures and it turns out there are still picture’s from last year’s Castlefest I meant to post and didn’t…


Colourful chainmail.


There were two of these cat people, sitting near our blanket, visited by a constant stream of people with cameras.


Posing for someone else.

There are always a lot of bubbles at Castlefest. One of many things that make it such a beautiful place. I think one of my favourite moments was when Faun were playing, and it was dark, and bubbles were drifting up from the audience, lit up by the stage lights. (But it was too dark to get a decent picture.)DSC01357

Asterix and Obelixa.


I don’t watch a lot of movies, but How to Train Your Dragon was one of those my best friend got me to watch. Toothless is very cute.


Sometimes, I think about how some people’s reaction to my costume is, “these weird kids and their weird hobbies”, and then I think about how there are definitely not just young people at Castlefest, and not just young people in costume.




Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman and the not-so-bad wolf. There are always some Saarloos wolfdogs at Castlefest and they are just so pretty!


Speaking of wolves…


In case you had any doubt that Castlefest is the best place on Earth – even  the tourists from outer space come there.

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  1. August 30, 2016 03:59

    I LOVE the green armour. It’s so beautiful!

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