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A Visit to the Beach

September 2, 2016

My mother met up with me in the Netherlands, when I was there for Castlefest, and before starting on the way home, we made a brief trip to the beach. If you live in a landlocked country, you have to take any chance to see the sea that you can get.


Shadow selfie.




It wasn’t warm enough to really go into the water, but you just have to at least get your feet wet.

Strange to think that the last time I did this, the last time I was on a beach, was in Santa Cruz almost two years ago.

And lastly, the latest in beachwear. Because, “It’s chilly, you should take a jacket. Are you sure you won’t be cold? It is pretty windy. Do you want to borrow one of my jackets?”

I would have been fine without it, thank you very much, Mama, but feeling cloaks flapping in the wind is always fun.


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