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Tomato Tasting

September 3, 2016

A few weeks ago, my boss sent me to a seminar on tomatoes at the local horticulture school. Kind of strange to be at school in the middle of the summer holidays…

Most of the day was spent eating. Tasting 44 varieties of tomatoes – which, of course, is still a tiny part of all the varieties that exist – and a ridiculous number of tomato-based dishes. Tomato soup, different tomato salads, stuffed tomatoes, tomato bread, with tomato butter, and some kind of tomato spread, tomato cake, tomato crumble for dessert, and probably more that I don’t remember. And fermented tomatoes, which I didn’t try, because I found the smell too awful.

DSC01640 Lycopersicum esculentum

In between eating, there were talks on how to organise tomato-themed events, on the many different types and tastes of tomatoes, on how the sense of taste develops… some of it was interesting, though not really useful for my job.

DSC01643 Lycopersicum esculentum

‘Glossy Blue Rose’

The highest ranked varieties were:

Slicing/beefsteak tomatoes:

  • Bolzano
  • Green Zebra
  • Montfavet
  • Rebella
  • Rhianna
  • Weißer Pfirsich

Cherry tomatoes:

  • Gold Currant
  • Philovita
  • Small Egg
  • Smiley-Tomate (Summer Sun)
  • Solena Sweet Yellow
  • Sweet Million

 I liked ‘Small Egg’ enough to slip a couple of them into my bag to save seeds from them.

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