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And Another Medieval Fair

September 22, 2016

This time, in Big Town. Not the greatest fair, but the easiest to get to by far.


Making my way up through the Old Town.dsc00677

The Joculatores Primae Noctis, who make good music for us to dance to. I mean, also music that we don’t know how to dance to, and which I enjoy listening to, but there are some bands that are easy to dance to, and some that aren’t, even if they’re playing something we know.

I thought I had more videos, but apparently not.

It’s one of my favourite thing about going to fairs with the dance group, just looking like ordinary members of the audience at first, and then going, “oh, they’re about to play something we know!” and just starting to dance.


And of course we also have to go watch the other dance group – who, unlike us, were actually on the program – and share a dance with them. Sadly, I don’t remember what they were called or even where they were from.


There’s a spot beside the castle, with a pretty view of the river, that is nice and quiet for dancing when we want to do it just for the fun of it, without an audience. Even if I’m always a little worried about going down the steep slope next to it.

Here’s another video, from when we were dancing in that spot.


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