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A Trip Across the Border

September 24, 2016

Some time this summer, we received an invitation from one of our suppliers, saying they had plante a show garden they wanted to show to their customers. And since they’re just a short way across the border to Germany, my boss decided we’d go.

With the Brexit fresh on our minds, it struck me how much we take the EU for granted – being able to simply drive across the border, and the only thing reminding you that you’re now in a different country is receiving a text telling you how much phone calls and text messages and data will cost.

Anyway. Pictures. (I hope this works, because I’m on a train, with slow wifi, and the pictures won’t load, so I just hope they’re actually there!)


The greenhouses are all pretty old, some of them built on slopes, into slopes, or with very low roofs – it’s probably not an easy business to run.



The show “garden” was a bit of a disappointment, just a couple of planters to show the annuals they grow/propagate. (We buy plug plants from them.) But it was still neat to see something else than my own workplace for a change.






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