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Dancing Witches

October 12, 2016

Like the last couple of years, the historical dance group I’m in, Fidelius, was invited to perform at a Witches’ Market in Auberg.

I didn’t take any pictures of the market itself this year, but here are some videos of us dancing, with life music from Rhiannon. (Who, believe me, sound much, much better than the videos make it seem. It’s just that the sound quality of our videos is utter crap.)


It’s always fun when the musicians speed up at the end, and turn it into a competition about who can go faster. We’ve never lost yet!


Branle des Chevaux:

Barley Bree:

This is one of my favourites lately. Partly because we haven’t done it a million times, like the others, and partly because it’s just fun.

Most of the day was cold and drizzly, but the sun came out at the end:



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