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Work Silliness

October 14, 2016

One of my favourite things about my workplace is that we all share a similar sense of humour, and doing silly things at work is perfectly fine.

And it happens particularly often when all Saints’ Day approaches, and instead of floral arrangements for graves, we make birds, snowmen or ladybugs.

Today, it started with me picking up a loofah and saying, “It looks like it could be a person.”

And grabbing some sticks and a dried flower and the glue gun and…


(Just crappy phone pictures today, because I didn’t want to go get my camera.)

And when the boss’ wife came in, we proudly presented it to her as a gift.

And then some time later, talking with the intern:

“Maybe it should have hair.”

“Maybe it should also have armpit hair.”

“But if we can see the armpit hair, does that mean it’s not wearing clothes? Now we really have to make up our mind if it’s a man or a woman.”


Other people worry about things being not safe for work, we make naked women at work…

I went outside for a while, when I came back, the intern was sharpening a spear and glueing it to her hand.

“Okay, what is she? Some kind of naked stone-age huntress?”

“She needs something to hunt.”


So yeah… this is how we created “Wilde Hilde” and Bert the long-legged tiger-pig… They now live on our lunch table.


And since I’m already going through the pictures on my phone – when we plant flower bulbs, we always fill a couple of pots, then turn off the potting machine, plant the bulbs and put the pots away before we turn the machine on (if we were planting plug plants, we’d keep the machine running all the time, but planting bulbs goes more slowly, so this method works better.)

This is a normal amount of pots to prepare:


This is what happens when the intern and I do it… stacking higher and higher every time, trying to beat our own records:


I swear, we’re all adults…


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