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Not a Secret: I Didn’t Like This Book [The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

January 24, 2017

dsc03293If this had been my own book, this would have been thrown against the wall so many times. But alas, it was my boyfriend’s, and he liked it a lot and lent it to me, so I couldn’t do that.

I think the main thing that annoys me about this book is that it feels like, “if you have bad luck in life, it’s all your own fault, because you’re thinking wrong.” And I do absolutely not believe that people deserve to be blamed for their poverty or illness or similar.

And then it felt like it was just repeating that point over and over and over, while I sat there thinking, “Yeah, I get it, and I don’t agree at all, so tell me something new or just shut up.”

I mean, I agree on one point: a positive outlook on life will probably make more positive things happen to you than a negative outlook. But I disagree that there is anything “secret” or supernatural about that, that it has anything to do with ordering certain things from the universe or other crap like that. It’s just the simple fact that if you’re pleasant to be around, people be more likely to want to do nice things for you. And if you focus on the positive things, you notice how many of them actually happen to you, while if you focus on the negative things, you’ll feel like nothing good ever happens to you (even when it does).

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