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Once Upon a Time This Was a Houseplant Blog

January 30, 2017

But that’s not going so well. I keep losing plants, to disinterest and lack of time and bugs and simple bad luck.

(A conversation with my friends from my master classes, a couple of weeks ago:

M.: “So, anything interesting happening at your job?”

Me: “At my job, no. In my private life, yes.”

M.: “Ooh, that was the next thing I was going to ask about! So, you and the guy you told us about last time?” (We don’t see each other that often.)

K., who had already had that conversation with me earlier: “She has already had to throw out a few plants!”

*scandalised gasping all around*)

Anyway, yeah. This is my Christmas cactus now… remember how proud I was of getting it to bloom? I could cry.



I don’t have much hope that it will recover…

I took a couple of cuttings in the hope that those will still survive. If not, I will have to go to the botanical garden to… ah… acquire new ones. Either by politely asking an employee, or… um.

Well. One of our teachers did tell us that the things a master horticulturist should always have are a knife, pruning shears, the Zander plant name dictionary, and a bag.


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  1. January 31, 2017 01:04

    Hang in there, Ivy! (That’s a plant pun).

    As you know, even plants in very bad condition can recover. Five years ago, I was given an aloe plant that was 99% dead when I received it. It was actually black! Yet somehow it recovered, and today still leads a happy life. I also received a grape vine which quickly wilted after I repotted it, and there were no living leaves. Surprisingly, it recovered, too. If anyone can get your christmas cactus to come back, it will be you!

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