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I Miss Blogging

June 2, 2017

And yet, I should not be doing it right now. I should be studying, or sleeping. Because my final exam is in eleven days, and I have done nothing to prepare, and because I’m sick (getting better, though, don’t worry.)

There’s so much I could have, should have posted about. Garden stuff, and medieval fairs, and book stuff, and work stuff…

Speaking of work stuff. My bosses are going to retire at the end of the year, and guess who’s going to rent the plant nursery and run it herself? Yup. Me.

I don’t want to talk about all of it publicly, so I made a separate blog for it – if we’ve interacted before, and you’re interested, leave me a comment so I can see your email address, and I’ll send you the password for the posts.

I never even posted the last three calendar pictures…

So this would have been April:

DSC09277 Rubus


DSC00897 Thalictrum

and June:


I want to promise that at some point I will get my life and blog back on track, but … I don’t really feel like I can promise that.

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  1. Vanessa Glau permalink
    June 3, 2017 08:20

    Congrats! That’s awesome work news.

    Also, feel better soon! Being sick when it’s nice outside really is no fun. I hope you’ll be able to post again sooner or later, but I’d also understand it if you don’t. We’re all busy with something or other. 🙂

  2. June 4, 2017 08:54

    Liebe Ivynettle, es ist zwar schon ewig her, aber vielleicht erinnerst du dich an mich, wir hatten mal Kontakt, als ich auch einen Balkongarten-Blog hatte (balcony paradise oder so ähnlich – tatsächlich habe ich meine alten Zugangsdaten für WordPress nicht mehr). Ich gratuliere dir zur Übernahme der Gärtnerei und würde dem Blog gern folgen, bitte gib mir doch einen Zugang. Danke und beste Grüße aus dem Süden! Kathi

  3. November 25, 2018 16:03

    You’re practically all grown up! Congrats, you deserve it!

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