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A Snowy Walk

January 26, 2019

Every once in a while (not nearly often enough), I still find time for fun things.

Lots mistletoe (Viscum album)

I mean, it’s debatable how much fun it is to walk around in the cold, or to have to take my gloves off to take photos, but when I do get the rare chance to go for a walk, I have to take it. Especially since it means exploring the area around our new home.

More mistletoe, probably on white willows (Salix alba)

I have several posts about this new home, and about the move, that I’m trying to write, but, well… time, or rather the lack of it…

The Innbach, looking towards the Danube

We live pretty close to the Danube now, but it has been surprisingly difficult to get to it, because the Innbach, a much smaller river, runs pretty much paralell to it, and it took us a while to find a bridge.

The Danube, at last. To the right of the little island, the Innbach flows into the Danube, and behind the island, we could just make out the castle of Ottensheim through the falling snow.
The Innbach again, looking upstream this time.
Random fields on the way back.
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