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May Calendar Picture

May 1, 2016

s05 Schönbrunn

Taken at the Schönbrunn horticulture school in Vienna, Austria.

April Calendar Picture

April 1, 2016

s04 Hamburg (3)

In Hamburg, Germany, June 2015. Maybe by the time this is posted, I’ve written something about that trip, but while I’m scheduling this, there’s nothing to link to yet.

This was a really beautiful park, with lots of water. And they seem to be quite fond of swamp cypresses in Hamburg.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – March 2016

March 15, 2016

Whoops. Has it really been a month again? (Calendar pictures don’t count, I scheduled all of those at the end of last year.)

Well, beating myself up over it is no use. No way to go but forward. And around the Nettle Nest to look at flowers.

Sadly, I didn’t remember to make that tour/take pictures until it was already dark, so the pictures aren’t that great.


Far more blooming plants there than usual, because… well, I guess I felt like some colour.



This begonia is so much happier now that I’ve given it some fertiliser. I’ve written a blog post about this… at least in my head. I never typed it up. A frequent problem.


There’s no light out on the balcony, so I had to take pictures at random and hope there’d be some flowers in them.

I’m so behind on my balcony-planting, mostly through a combination of no time and bad weather – always one or the other – but partly also because it’s still hard to convince myself to do things.

On to the bedroom…




I wonder if I will manage to write any posts outside my head in the next month?

I’m always so impressed with bloggers who post frequently and regularly for years and years. Like May Dreams Gardens – thanks for hosting GBBD!


March Calendar Picture

March 1, 2016

s03 Wien

At the botanical garden in Vienna, Austria, during the Rare Plants Market 2015.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – February 2016

February 15, 2016

Look – I remembered. And I’m managing my time well enough to have time to write this post. This feels like such a victory to me.

Then let’s go have a look around.

In the bedroom:


Yeah, Tradescantias aren’t very impressve or photogenic.


But the Christmas cactus is very pretty.

On the balcony, the first flowers are arriving, though not yet planted – hopefully, I’ll have time for that this week!


Every year I tell myself, “next year I’ll plant fewer flowers, and more vegetables, flowers just cost money and bring no harvest, and I don’t spend enough time outside to enjoy them”… and yet, every year, I buy every variety of viola we have at work, and plenty more besides.


These didn’t do well on the balcony last year – they always complained that it was too hot. But this year they’re blooming very early, like most of our plants, because of the mild winter (which is a problem, because we can’t sell very many of them yet. And especially with primroses, the window of time in which we can sell them is very short.)

What did I want to get at? Oh yes. They’re blooming earlier than last year, so I hope that if I put them on the balcony now, when the weather is still cooler, they will be happier.

And in the living room:


This poor begonia has been through quite a lot of neglect in the last few years. Never enough water, and let’s not even talk about fertiliser. It’s a tangled mess of bare stems with a few leaves at the end… and yet it keeps on blooming. (Though I must admit, at times I’ve hated the flowers. Because they drop all over the place, and sometimes I pinched them off before they even opened, because I didn’t have the energy to deal with the clean-up.)


Last month’s impulse purchases.



While this one was much more thought-out. I’ve decided I’ll go to the nearby DIY store every couple of days and see if they’ve put any orchids on clearance. Because they have some very pretty Dendrobiums (which I like so much more than Phalaenopsis), and while I have no idea if I can get them to rebloom, at 70% off I can afford to try – or to throw them out if I fail.

Bonus picture from work:


And now I’ll stop and go to bed before I also show you the pictures of flowers in other people’s gardens.

A Vote for Sustainability

February 7, 2016

If you’ve got a minute to spare (and if you’ve got time to look at my blog, I know you do!) please vote for Biond in the European Business Awards. (All you need to vote is a valid email address, and I know you’ve got that too.)

They’re the company that provides the school lunches at my friend Ylvs’ daughter’s school, cooked from organic, locally grown ingredients, and if Ylvs is this excited about them being Germany’s national entry for the Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability, then I’ll trust that the food is really as good and fresh as it looks.

Harvest Monday – February 1st, 2016

February 1, 2016

Okay, let’s do this again.

No big harvests yet, of course, not in the middle of winter, but I’ve started growing garden cress in the kitchen again.



And I bought myself a pot of chives at work because they looked so good.


And if I’m allowed to look back a little further than the last week, those are the sweet potatoes I harvested from my balcony and ate during the winter.

DSC07143 Ipomoea batatas



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