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September 26, 2016

The yearly street performance festival in Big Town was just before my big exam, so I was too busy studying to spend much time at the festival. But I couldn’t resist walking through once.


The main square. I was amused by how empty the first part of it was, and then it gets very crowded very suddenly – easy to see where the first performers have set up.


Or where the first of them are walking around, I guess.


“Hey, you! Stop stealing the show!” (The guy was a breakdancer, even though he certainly doesn’t look like it. Sadly, all my pictures are rubbish.)


Speaking of rubbish… sometimes you have to ride around in a motorised trash can before making music on vacuum cleaners and other random objects.

(Maybe I’ll have time to upload some videos tomorrow. But no promises.)


September 25, 2016

On the way from our trip to Germany, my boss and I stopped in Schärding, an Austrian town on the border.



Pretty colourful houses in the main square, where we sat outside a café for a while.


A beautiful door we passed on our way down to the river.


The Inn river forms the border between Austria and Germany.


Rooftops. I just love the tiny little round tower.

A Trip Across the Border

September 24, 2016

Some time this summer, we received an invitation from one of our suppliers, saying they had plante a show garden they wanted to show to their customers. And since they’re just a short way across the border to Germany, my boss decided we’d go.

With the Brexit fresh on our minds, it struck me how much we take the EU for granted – being able to simply drive across the border, and the only thing reminding you that you’re now in a different country is receiving a text telling you how much phone calls and text messages and data will cost.

Anyway. Pictures. (I hope this works, because I’m on a train, with slow wifi, and the pictures won’t load, so I just hope they’re actually there!)


The greenhouses are all pretty old, some of them built on slopes, into slopes, or with very low roofs – it’s probably not an easy business to run.



The show “garden” was a bit of a disappointment, just a couple of planters to show the annuals they grow/propagate. (We buy plug plants from them.) But it was still neat to see something else than my own workplace for a change.






One More Look Across the River

September 23, 2016

I was looking for this picture when I wrote this post, but of course, I didn’t find it until a few days later.

Anyway: Big Town from the bridge:


The big building is the castle, and in front of it is our dancing-spot from the end of yesterday’s post.


And Another Medieval Fair

September 22, 2016

This time, in Big Town. Not the greatest fair, but the easiest to get to by far.


Making my way up through the Old Town.dsc00677

The Joculatores Primae Noctis, who make good music for us to dance to. I mean, also music that we don’t know how to dance to, and which I enjoy listening to, but there are some bands that are easy to dance to, and some that aren’t, even if they’re playing something we know.

I thought I had more videos, but apparently not.

It’s one of my favourite thing about going to fairs with the dance group, just looking like ordinary members of the audience at first, and then going, “oh, they’re about to play something we know!” and just starting to dance.


And of course we also have to go watch the other dance group – who, unlike us, were actually on the program – and share a dance with them. Sadly, I don’t remember what they were called or even where they were from.


There’s a spot beside the castle, with a pretty view of the river, that is nice and quiet for dancing when we want to do it just for the fun of it, without an audience. Even if I’m always a little worried about going down the steep slope next to it.

Here’s another video, from when we were dancing in that spot.

Medieval Fair

September 21, 2016

I always want to go to more of those, but I never do, except with the dance group. I’m glad I have that, at least – not just because it makes me go to fairs, but also because dancing is enjoyable in and of itself, and because dancing with an audience is even more fun. (Which I would never have expected when I started dancing, still so shy.)

Anyway. This summer, we went back to the same fair we’d already danced at last summer. The fair was bigger this year, with far more visitors, so sadly we didn’t get to climb the tower again.



When we needed a bit of a break from the people and the noise, we – best friend, her boyfriend, their son aka Squirrel, and me – went for a walk through the surrounding forest and found a lake.


Beautiful Sky

September 20, 2016

Sometimes I don’t even know where to look, because there are so many beautiful things in the world. Trees, flowers, cats, butterflies, sunlit leaves, dewdrops, clouds, sunsets…