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Things Seen at Castlefest, part 5

August 29, 2016

This’ll be the last Castlefest post until next year. Well, unless I work my way back through my pictures and it turns out there are still picture’s from last year’s Castlefest I meant to post and didn’t…


Colourful chainmail.


There were two of these cat people, sitting near our blanket, visited by a constant stream of people with cameras.


Posing for someone else.

There are always a lot of bubbles at Castlefest. One of many things that make it such a beautiful place. I think one of my favourite moments was when Faun were playing, and it was dark, and bubbles were drifting up from the audience, lit up by the stage lights. (But it was too dark to get a decent picture.)DSC01357

Asterix and Obelixa.


I don’t watch a lot of movies, but How to Train Your Dragon was one of those my best friend got me to watch. Toothless is very cute.


Sometimes, I think about how some people’s reaction to my costume is, “these weird kids and their weird hobbies”, and then I think about how there are definitely not just young people at Castlefest, and not just young people in costume.




Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman and the not-so-bad wolf. There are always some Saarloos wolfdogs at Castlefest and they are just so pretty!


Speaking of wolves…


In case you had any doubt that Castlefest is the best place on Earth – even  the tourists from outer space come there.

Pages: 463; Eyerolls: 103 [Into the Fire, part 2, by Dennis L. McKiernan]

August 28, 2016


I’m done at last. And yeah, I kept a tally.

I didn’t actually physically roll my eyes 103 times. Some of them were just mental eye-rolls, because I didn’t want to hurt my eye muscles.

And I’m sure the count would be even higher if I had read properly instead of just skimming.

I don’t even remember all the things I rolled my eyes at. Some of it was the unnecessary addition of even more fantasy clichés, like there weren’t enough yet. Shape-shifters. Wolves. (Which I love, yeah, but they’re still a cliché.) A magic sword. Which – was there any point to that? I can’t even remember if it had an important role to play in the end (which might have to do with my lack of attention, or with crappy writing.) Walking greenery, which was totally not an Ent. (And which was also a babysitter.) Or an ending that relied heavily on pulling out yet another race of fantastic creatures – because why would you use the characters or powers you had already established to defeat the bad guys?

And okay, now I finally know why this piece of rubbish series is called Hel’s Crucible in English, but I still don’t know why this book is called Magierlicht (“magician’s light”) in German – I can’t remember light created by any magicians as a major plot point or in fact a plot point at all.

Well, the best thing that I can say about this book is that it’s over.

Things Seen at Castlefest, part 4

August 27, 2016



Beautiful things made out of straw…


A little straw witch on a little straw broomstick. (That was the day I was wearing my witch costume, just after I’d bought my hat.)


Mugs and bottles and tiny tiny chests of drawers…


Neptune (or some other sea god, I didn’t ask) and his shark-dog.


Lots of pretty things that are too expensive…


This cart was so cute! Sahi and I did both buy a shiny there, and talked to the owner a bit, who says he is a “tree doctor”, which explains how he gets the pretty branches to build his cart out of.


Dress made out of jeans.


Colourful wings. (And I also really liked the poncho the other person was wearing.)


I don’t particularly want to wear these bracelets, but they are pretty. I’m not sure I’m disappointed or relieved that the notebooks at this stall weren’t quite as pretty as last year – disappointed because I know they could be prettier (or at least, more my taste), relieved because I really did not need another one anyway.

Things Seen at Castlefest, part 3

August 27, 2016

(Such a long streak of daily blogging, and then yesterday I decided to take a “nap” that ended up taking all night…)


The one on the left has wings made out of book pages.


Lots of pretty wings everywhere.


Just making music at a corner of the path.


One of the things I like about Castlefest is how green it is everywhere.


Very low-flying plane…


I always love lying on our blanket and taking random pictures of the people walking past, of the fairies, spidermen, medieval people, Star Wars characters… (there were at least three Reys this year – they might even have outnumbered the Jack Sparrows.)


Sometimes someone catches you taking a picture of them.


Steampunk pipes.


Medieval camp.


I’m pretty sure the furniture is not for sale, but I really like this wood.

Things Seen at Castlefest, part 2

August 25, 2016



Last year, this group was dressed as green and black insect things. This year, they were all in yellow, with bees and butterflies and flowers.



Things Seen at Castlefest, part 1

August 24, 2016

I could organise these pictures in some sort of logical way, like a post for every day we were there, or pictures of costumes and pictures of pretty things for sale, but… too much work. I’ll keep it simple and just go with the order in which I’ve taken the pictures.


Way too expensive, but pretty!


One of several birds of prey – I think this is a gyrfalcon?


The dress is made out of those little envelopes tea bags come in – we actually heard about her before we saw her.


I’m not sure what sort of creature this is…


I’m pretty sure this is the first centaur I’ve seen at Castlefest. Pretty brilliant!


Dandelion seeds necklace.


That doesn’t look very comfortable to wear, but it’s certainly impressive.


Wicker dragon.


Advertising for a body-painting stall.

I love all the pretty, crazy, creative things you can see there.

And I also love the things you can overhear, like a loud and dramatic, “Just because you have antlers and make-up – !” (I didn’t quite hear the rest. It might have been, ” – doesn’t mean you yre a faun.”=

More Smarchmoot Pictures

August 23, 2016

(“Smarchmoots” is what we call meetings of members of the Tad Williams Message Board. Such as at Castlefest.)


Aan taking pictures of xavie Green Angel Tower.DSC01212

The Yásira and the Hayholt on a meadow full of flowers (a.k.a. the prettiest picnic blanket at Castlefest).


The Wicked Tribe exploring Green Angel Tower.


“You know what would be pretty? If there was some ivy climbing up the tower.”

“Those currant tomatoes are also pretty.”DSC01270

Sahi on the move on her jumping stilts.


Two of the Wicked Tribe.DSC01275

And a pretty sunset at the end of the day.


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