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July 8, 2019

This was Friday:

Today, there were seven more.

(There has also been a bit of lettuce, some berries, and a decent amount of fava beans, which were delicious, but a pain to prepare. But mostly zucchini.)

July Calendar Picture

July 1, 2019
Three lilypads and two small yellow flowers on the surface of clear, greenish water
Yellow water lily, Nuphar lutea; Plomberg, Austria; June 2018

June Calendar Picture

June 1, 2019
A roughly circular patch of lilypads and pale pink water lily flowers. Trees are putting most of the surrounding water in shadow; a narrow unshadowed stripe runs across the middle of the picture
Planten und Blomen, Hamburg, Germany; June 2015

Are Harvest Mondays Still A Thing?

May 13, 2019

I’ve been away from the garden blogging world for a while, but as I brought inside my first harvest from the new garden, I felt a strong need to take a picture and share it, like I did for so long.

A white bowl with small red radishes and a blue bowl with pea pods

I did not weigh them like I used to do, because I no longer have the time or energy to keep track of such things, but the peas were delicious with our Sunday dinner, and while I have only eaten one radish so far, it was also good.

Some googling suggests that Dave of Happy Acres is still hosting Harvest Monday – I vaguely remember him taking over from Daphne, but I can’t remember if I was still posting at the time or if I had already succumbed to the exhaustion caused by school and depression. Many of my memories of the last few years are pretty hazy for this reason – well, school has been over for a while, and the depression has let up, too, but now it’s work, work, work, and that leaves me just as exhausted and with very little time.

And so I write this on a Sunday that is rainy enough to give me a bit of free time, and I will schedule it for Monday, but it remains to be seen if I remember to head over to Happy Acres to add a link to this post…

And it also remains to be seen how many weeks or months it will be until I have time to write another post…

May Calendar Picture

May 1, 2019
A river with bright turquoise water, lined by trees. One of them hangs out over the water.
Alm river, GrĂ¼nau, Austria; June 2016

April Calendar Picture

April 1, 2019
A shallow pond, surrounded by grasses/sedges; willow shrubs in the background
Oxbow pond, Traun, Austria; August 2016

March Calendar Picture

March 1, 2019
At the right edge of the picture, the outside of a castle ruin. To the left, spring-green hills, and a bit of a large river visible between them. The upper half of the picture is taken up by a cloudy sky.
Aggstein castle, Austria; April 2017